Hira MasjidJapan Mosque Foundation (JMF) is one of the important departments of ICOJ, which manages and looks after five permanent Masjid, temporary Musallahs as well arranges salat-ul-jumma, Salat ut Taraweeh, Salat ul Eid at various places in Japan.

At present JMF manages following 5 permanent Masjids.

1. Dar Al-Arqaam Masjid, Asakusa, Tokyo.
2. Hira Masjid, Gyotoku, Chiba.
3. Quba Masjid, Tatebayashi, Gumma.
4. Bab ul Islam Masjid, Oyama, Tochigi.
5. Masjid e Abu Bakar Sideeq, Mito, Ibaraki.

1.Dar al-Arqam Masjid:

Dar Al-Arqam Masjid, located in central Tokyo was established in 1998 .The four story building has a library on its ground floor which has a variety of books in various languages.
Major activities of the Dar al Arqam  Masjid are :
· Five times Salat , salat-ul-Jumma ,Salat tu Taraweeh
· Performing Nikkah (marriage)
· Library
· Shahdah & issuance of Shahada certificateBabul Islam Masjid1
· Quran classes for children & Adults
· Janazah & Gussl of  Mayyah (Gusul of dead bodies)
· Information regarding Islam

Daral Arqammasjid


111-0025,Tokyo, Taito-ku,
1-9-12 Higashi Asakusa.
Tel: 81-3-3871-6061
Fax: 81-3-3871-6062
Contact:Br.Ehsan….Mobile :090-7256-3528
Nearest Metro Stations:
1.Minami Senju ....Hibya line. & Jr Joban line ..13 minutes walk or 6 minutes by bus
2.Asakusa ….Ginza line….13 minutes walk or 5 minutes by bus

2.Hira Masjid:
In 1997,ICOJ established Hira Masjid in Gyotaku, Ichikawa city of Chiba ken by purchasing a two story building which was a bar earlier. During 2003-2004 the Masjid building was reconstructed looking at the need to increase the capacity as well as poor condition of the building due to the age of building. Alhamdulillah the New Hira Masjid has been built as a Masjid building in Muslim countries, with a capacity of over 200 persons.

QubaMajor activities of the Hira Masjid are :
· Five times Salat , salat-ul-Jumma ,Salat tu Taraweeh
· Dars of Quran on every satur day in English & Urdu
· Monthly Dars of Hadeeth in Japanese language
· Teaching of Quran(recitation/Hifiz/Tajweed) to children
· Islamic education to children under Hira Evening School
· Performing Nikkah (marriage)
· Library
· Shahdah & issuance of Shahada certificate
· Janazah & Gussl of  Mayyah (Gusul of dead bodies)
· Information regarding Islam
Ichikawa Shi, Gyotoku Ekimae,
3 -3-19.
Contact: Br.Jamil Ahmed
Nearest Metro station:
Gyotaku....Tozai line..6minutes walk

3.Quba Masjid:
Quba Masjid was established in Gumma Ken in year 2004.The Masjid has a capacity of 250 people. Besides five-time salat & salat-ul-Jumma, teaching Quran to children, programme of weekly Daroos of Quran is organized on every Saturday. Masjid also makes arrangements of Gyssul of Mayah, Janzah, Nikkah & other community services.
Honcho 4-7-26,Tatebayashi-city,
Gumma Ken ,374-0024,Japan.
Contact:Br.Fayaz Mughal
Mobile :090-5763-4443
# 5 minutes walk from Tatebayashi Station

4.Babul Islam Masjid,Oyama,Tochigi.
Masjid Babul Islam is among the biggest Masjids of Japan with a land area of  525 Tsubu(around 1500 Sq mt.) with two big  buildings.The main Masjid Hall has a capacity of 600 persons besides other halls.Masjid is ideally located on the intersection of route 4 & route 50,nearby Oyama auction.On Saturdays a weekly Dars of Quran is held besides five times salat ,Salat ul Jumma,Salat ut Taraweeh & Salat ul Eid. Shahdah  & Nikkah arrangements are done by Masjid besides Gussul e Mayah,Janazah and other community work.
Contact :Mian  Muhammed Sadiq
Mobile :090-337-1894

5.Abubakar Sideeq Masjid,Mito,Ibaraki.
Located in Mito,Ibaraki.
Contact  :080-3524-2567