Organisational structure

Islamic circle of Japan

(Organizational chart for the Year 2014)

  • Ameer e circle : Brother Saied Mughal

Tel : 090-4847-5799

  • Secretary Generl : Brother Fayyaz uddin (Tel:090-7828-4539)
  • Vice President : Brother Imran jawaid (Tel : 090-6534-4931)
  • Head Of Japanese Wing : Shaykh Abu Hakeem Ahmed Maeno
  • Sisters Wing:

1. Nazimah(Japanese Speaking sisters wing): Sister Mrs. Fayyazuddin

2. Nazima (Urdu speaking sisters wing): Sister Mrs. Saied Mughal


Organizational structure of ICOJ

The Ameer (President) of the ICOJ is the head of the organization, who is elected by direct voting by the basic members during the every annual congregation held from Dec 31 to Jan 2, every year.

The Ameer is elected for a term of one year. However he can be elected for two consecutive years only.

# Majlis e shoora: Basic members of ICOJ also elect the members of majlis shoora every year for a period of one year. Ameer consults the majlis for various decisions and shoora is the decision making body, though all the decisions have to be approved by the basic members in the basic members meetings.

#Secretary general: Ameer e circle, after his election, in consultation of the members of Majlis e shoora nominates the secretary general for one year term to look after the organizational matters.

#Naib Umara (Vice Presidents): Ameer e circle also nominates two Naib Umara (Vice Presidents) .One to look after the various departments of ICOJ and other to look after Japan Mosque foundation affairs.

#ICOJ has a Halqa based working structure. Each Halqas (Basic Units) organize the Dawah programmes in that area, like Monthly/weekly Daroose Quran and other Dawah & Tarbiyah Programmes.