Hira Masjid:

In 1997,ICOJ established Hira Masjid in Gyotaku, Ichikawa city of Chiba ken by purchasing a two story building which was a bar earlier. During 2003-2004 the Masjid building was reconstructed looking at the need to increase the capacity as well as poor condition of the building due to the age of building. Alhamdulillah the New Hira Masjid has been built as a Masjid building in Muslim countries, with a capacity of over 200 persons.

Major activities of the Hira Masjid are :
· Five times Salat , salat-ul-Jumma ,Salat tu Taraweeh
· Dars of Quran on every satur day in English & Urdu
· Monthly Dars of Hadeeth in Japanese language
· Teaching of Quran(recitation/Hifiz/Tajweed) to children
· Islamic education to children under Hira Evening School
· Performing Nikkah (marriage)
· Library
· Shahdah & issuance of Shahada certificate
· Janazah & Gussl of  Mayyah (Gusul of dead bodies)
· Information regarding Islam

Ichikawa Shi, Gyotoku Ekimae,
3 -3-19.
Contact: Br.Jamil Ahmed
Nearest Metro station:
Gyotaku....Tozai line..6minutes walk