Get Free Quran

Holy QuranOnly for Non-Muslims and New-Muslims living in Japan
“If you are in doubt about it,then bring a book like it.”
It is a challenge from Allah to everyone who has any doubt about the authenticity of the book, Quran.
The folks at Japanese Website have plans to start a ‘Free Quran in Japanese”program. This free service is specifically provided to non-Muslim Japanese only. If you are already a Muslim, please contact your local mosque to get a copy of the Quran in Japanese and/or other languages. Alternatively, you could contact us via email to ask a copy of the Quran with your complete address and we will try to arrange a copy for you for a cost.
However, please bear in mind, a copy of the Quran is available free of charge to the people who are living in Japan and can read, write Japanese like their mother language. If your Japanese is basic, please do not bother to ask a copy of the Quran in Japanese. Please also remember that you will have to pay the postage stamp if you would like to get the copy of the Quran free of charge. That is around 360 yen for destinations within Japan.
You may contact this Website directly to get a copy of the Free Quran discussed above. Alternatively, Contact us.