Babul Islam Masjid,Oyama,Tochigi.

Masjid Babul Islam is among the biggest Masjids of Japan with a land area of  525 Tsubu(around 1500 Sq mt.) with two big  buildings.The main Masjid Hall has a capacity of 600 persons besides other halls.Masjid is ideally located on the intersection of route 4 & route 50,nearby Oyama auction.On Saturdays a weekly Dars of Quran is held besides five times salat ,Salat ul Jumma,Salat ut Taraweeh & Salat ul Eid. Shahdah  & Nikkah arrangements are done by Masjid besides Gussul e Mayah,Janazah and other community work.
Contact :Mian  Muhammed Sadiq
Mobile :090-337-1894